How can you spend chips from myVegas Slots? How to get them?

MyVegas Slots is a game where you need chips in order to start playing. It is obvious that you will need spend money to get them. We do not like to spend money on things which you can get for free in the internet.

Myvegas slots free chips links

myvegas chipsWe are always looking for places to generate this coins. To do that we need hyperlinks or links to the websites which offers such service. Here comes the :  where you can get the latest codes for myVegas. They are using brute force ssl 256 connection so you are secure and safe. Use the codes wisely and aim in the biggest prizes in myVegas

Spend the chips now!

You can’t wait forever with spending the chips. It is always knows as a Portuguese-syndrome where you keep them as long as you can and in the end – they shut up the platform. Then you have coins worth 10,000USD but website isn’t working. Funny, huh? Please keep to the rule:

Get them -> Invest them -> Spend them now

Maybe “now” is a bigger term but from our experience it is best to spend them within 48h – 7 days tops.

What to buy?

It all depends on what person you are. There are 2 types of persons – the one who invest and the one who like fun. If you are willing to invest them then you should keep playing until you will know that you have to exit and keep what’s left. If you are fun person ( young person ) then YOLO – spend them on hotels/ cars/ diners/ girls or whatever you always dreamed of – now is the time. You can get more information from official LasVegas website to find what suits you best.  You can visit their website, call them: 1-866-983-4279 or chat with them on live chat.