Friend List


Here we publish list of our contrubitors, donors and friends. If you would like to be on that list, please contact us:


Aaron Parthemer – Sr. VP of The Parthemer and King Wealth Management Group of Smith Barney.

Keyon Dooling –  Point Guard, Orlando Magic

Udonis Haslem – Forward, Miami Heat

Kay-Jay Harris – Running Back, Miami Dolphins

Rob Robinson – Mr. Miami Concierge Service

Mike and MonaRe Shields –  Missionaries to South America

Al Reynolds – Author of “Making Ends Meet.”  Husband of Star Jones Reynolds

Jean-Marc Girardin – Owner and President of Q’straint

Joe and Rose Esteireiro – Plant Manager and Customer Service Manager of Q’straint

Paul Greenberg – Owner of Alliance Banks

Sergio Scataglini – Author of “The Twelve Transgressions”

John St. Clair – Offensive Tackle, Chicago Bears.

Damion McIntosh – Offensive Tackle, Kansas City Cheifs

Jay Feely – Kicker, Miami Dolphins

Trent Green – Quaterback, Miami Dolphins