Sinkhole Repairs

When a sinkhole is identified and properly analyzed, there are many different ways that it can be repaired and there are several different remediation methods used when handling sinkhole repairs in Tampa. Although the proper method will be determined through professional evaluation by engineers and experts in the field, it is suggested that home owners and property owners be familiar with the different methods that may be discussed while exploring sinkhole repair options.


Compaction Grouting is the most widely used type of sinkhole remediation method. Compaction grouting involves the injection of a material (grout) that is specifically designed for this type of application. The grout is injected through various drilling locations and delivered to the targeted area using high pressure pumps. After it is injected underground, the grout compacts then displaces the soil and ground material around it which results in a high density and very stable footprint. The sinkhole repair team should include a geologist to assist with the project.


Another type of grouting method is used for sinkhole repair which is called Chemical Grouting. Although the repair method used for chemical grouting is much like compaction grouting, chemical grouting uses a liquid polyurethane compound instead of the grout used with compaction grouting. The injection system for chemical grouting requires much less pressure which allows it to be done in areas that have structures that may be susceptible to high pressure systems. The liquid polyurethane used in chemical grouting also fills holes, voids and areas that traditional grout used in compaction grouting cannot fill or reach. As with compaction grouting, chemical grouting provides support and stabilization of areas where there is a sinkhole.


One other way that sinkholes can be repaired is through Underpinning. When underpinning is done, weight loads from a structure are transferred from their existing foundation to areas underground that are usually deeper, denser and more stable. There are many different underpinning systems including auger piers and pressure piers. Regardless of the system used, underpinning will provide an extremely stable solution for any property affected by a sinkhole and should prevent any further damage.


Repairing a sinkhole is a big endeavor that requires a team of experts and professionals to provide a quick solution that will last a very long time. The team should include you, your insurance agent, the repair contractor, a geologist and engineers or other consultants. Stay updated with the progress of repairs and seek answers for any questions that you may have about what is being done and how it may affect your property.